The Trendy Vampire Facelift Pros and Cons

The world of the cosmetic industry has been greatly evolved by the advancement of science and technology. The penetration of modern-day science and technology in the cosmetic industry has enabled people looking to enhance or supplement their looks and appearance much easier and safer. Vampire facelift is one such miraculous cosmetic procedure that greatly improves the overall appearance and looks of people and helps them reclaim their youthfulness back, using advance PRP treatment.

Vampire Facelift Procedure:

Now, while the main theme of our blog is to assess vampire facelift pros and cons, however, before we move on to our topic, let’s get some rationale behind us by introducing the procedure.

The vampire facelift procedure comprises of multiple steps including:

Taking blood samples from the patient. Vampire facelift benefits are highly analogous to the PRP facelift procedure, where a certain amount of blood sample is drawn from the patient’s body. The actual amount of blood required for the procedure varies with the number of injections needed to treat various body areas (as desired by patients). Nonetheless, generally, the amount of blood sample required for the procedure varies between 20 to 100ml. Once the blood is squeezed out of the patient’s body, it then has to be passed through the centrifuge to segregate its various components and isolate platelets. It is worth noting that not all of the blood components are useful in the vampire facelift.

As the blood is rotated at high speed in the centrifuge, it is separated into three different components including; plasma (this will be our platelet-rich component used in the procedure), red blood cells and the remaining platelet-poor blood. Now, to proceed with the procedure the plasma will be used as it comprises of platelets, which I turn are also called accelerators of all goodness in the skin. The platelets are responsible for the production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acids, all of which are crucial for vitality and youthfulness of our skin.

Moving on, as the platelet-rich plasma is isolated, it is squeezed into fine medical needles to be injected into the desired body areas for various cosmetic procedures.

Caution: the vampire facelift pros and cons are strictly related to the process of injecting plasma into the body areas. The recommended practice is to strictly follow the line of natural skin stretch marks while introducing the PRP.

Safety Aspects

Well again, we just can’t move on to the vampire facelift pros and cons without comprehending the safety aspect of the procedure. So, to start with, the vampire facelift is a highly safe and modern cosmetic procedure that is used to treat various skin problems including acne and post-acne. What makes the vampire facelift a highly-safe procedure is a fact that it doesn’t use any synthetic fillers or foreign components. Rather, it draws the plasma from the patient’s body, thereby, negating any chances of allergic reaction or rejection by the body.

The outcome of the subcutaneous injection of platelet-rich plasma into the skin has enhanced the supply of oxygen to tissues, regularization of water balance and increased the production of crucial skin vitality components including collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acids. All of this gives a vibrant, youthful skin with quick healing abilities.

Vampire Facelift – Indicators for treatment

Ok, just before we move to the vampire facelift pros and cons, let’s take a brief look at some of the problems it can treat:

  • Acne
  • Post-acne
  • Face wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Face contouring
  • Reduction of skin tone
  • Skin restoration after deep peeling
  • Removal of hyperpigmentation
  • Scar removal
  • Rosacea

Vampire facelift – when it isn’t suited?

The procedure might not be best suited for people with certain contraindications including:

  • Mother feeding
  • Pregnancy
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Infectious or chronic diseases
  • Blood disorders
  • Specific allergies to certain blood components
  • Use of antibiotics
  • Hepatitis
  • Mental disorders
  • Oncological diseases

Vampire facelift pros and cons

Ok, now that we have a detailed rationale about the procedure let’s get straight to our main topic and discuss the vampire facelift pros and cons.

Pros of vampire facelift

  • Vampire facelift is a better alternative as compared to various other surgeries, especially for people who aren’t psychologically ready to go under the knife. While, the procedure does use needles, not to say it’s almost painless and will be over in no time as compared to some of the other invasive surgeries
  • Since the procedure will use the patient’s blood, it’s completely safe with no side effects or allergic reactions
  • The procedure doesn’t result in any sort of bruises of lumping as can be expected in some of the other cosmetic procedures. In fact, most of the time the introduction of platelet-rich plasma help fasten the process of relieving the skin allergies and well as healing wounds
  • The procedure can easily be bundled with various other cosmetic treatments, with little to no trouble
  • The vampire facelift doesn’t come with any downtime, unlike some of the other facial rejuvenation treatments. This means you are ready to go as soon as the procedure is over.
  • It’s a permanent fix, and unlike some synthetic dermal fillers, you won’t need to repeat the process again and again
  • Since no outside/foreign component is introduced in the body during vampire facelift, thereby, there are no side effects related to rejection by the body or resistance development
  • The procedure gives plumper, youthful and glowing skin

Cons of vampire facelift

  • One of the biggest con when evaluating vampire facelift pros and cons is the fact that despite the widespread popularity of the procedure, it isn’t still recognized by the medical professionals and medical regulatory authority in NYC
  • There aren’t many cosmetic surgeons that offer or recommend the procedure. In fact, most of the time the procedure is performed in specific beauty centers that train their staff to perform the procedure
  • While there are no by and large side effect of the procedure, at times it may affect eyes
  • Another big con when evaluating vampire facelift pros and cons is the fact that its approval from the FDA is still ambiguous. While many centers do claim its approval, this isn’t an established fact
  • While it doesn’t cause bruises, nonetheless, the areas treated may experience inflammation and redness which may last from few days to few weeks (all the while giving a fake appearance before it disappears).
  • Many people may feel unsatisfied by the results of the procedure
  • It will take considerable time before the results become fully visible


So, there you have it, all you need to know about vampire facelift pros and cons. Now, as we end it is rational to say that while there may be some ambiguities about the approval and recommendation of the procedure from surgeons and FDA, it nonetheless is a highly-safe and beneficial facial rejuvenation process with no serious safety concerns, which is why increasing number of women are choosing it as preferred facial rejuvenation procedure.

Nonetheless, it’s now up to you to assess the vampire facelift pros and cons and see what’s best for you.

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