Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Website Information Disclaimer: Important to note that Individual Results Can Vary Significantly

  1. GENERAL INFORMATION, we provide general information on the results of the procedure which is often found on our website and printed material. This information is for general guidance.
  2. BEFORE & AFTER RESULTS, All pictures whether on our website, social media or any other printed material are actual results of our patients operated by our surgeons. It is important to remember that each individual is different therefore results can vary significantly. Even if you look similar in “before” picture you may not get similar results.
  3. On your initial consultation please discuss in detail every question with regards to your surgery. Images of before and after results should be discussed with our Plastic surgeon in detail to clarify any information that has been provided in print or online media. It is important to understand the surgical consent including benefit risks and complications before signing the consent for surgery.
  4. There is no substitute for a personalized individual consultation, therefore, all information on our website, any newsletter, printed brochures should be discussed in detail on an initial consultation. Although you may have the similar presenting concerns like one of the “before” pictures every individual is different therefore your surgeon usually perform a detailed history, physical examination, discuss the potential risks and complications and possible outcome of the surgical procedure. There is a detail discussion on the option of treatment, benefit and expected results.
  5. All surgery leaves scars so remember that there will be lasting, the permanent scar that is likely to fade with time usually in 1-2 years but some scars are unpredictable and can be very prominent. This is due to variability in skin type.
  6. Though all our surgeons are very experienced it is important to understand that there are still unpredictable consequences of any surgical component resulting in potential complications some of which can be life-threatening.
  7. The common complication will be discussed with you by your surgeon so be sure that you are comfortable with ANY and ALL of the potential risks before consenting to Surgery.
  8. It is advisable that you follow your surgeon’s instructions about the procedure and recovery outcome.
  9. We advised that you read about your Plastic surgeon in detail including the surgeon’s qualifications, experience, and particular expertise. All our surgeons are fully qualified and licensed to practice in the UK and many other countries and have decades of experience in aesthetic surgery. Each surgeon may have certain preferences when it comes to certain procedures depending on his experience in a particular surgical procedure.
  10. Ask your surgeon if there is any inherent risk with the type of surgery that you choose or rejuvenation procedure. These risks and complications should be discussed in detail. You should ask yourself these questions if you are prepared to risk these complications.
  11. It is important to clarify with your Surgeon what is your expectation with regard to what you want or expect from your surgical procedure. Your choices should be realistic, achievable and suitable to your body type.
  12. All patients need to quit smoking prior to surgery and this includes Sheesha and PIPE smoking.
  13. There are some surgical procedures that can affect breastfeeding, future pregnancies, therefore, it is useful to discuss how this can potentially impact if you have not finished having a family.
  14. We provide very high-quality care in our internationally accredited facility and feel important to offer a quality experience rather than low-quality backroom procedures. So plan for your surgery, payment, recovery and healing time well in advance.

NO Two patients or surgeries are the same –there are many variables to surgery

This website contains information of general nature and doesn’t substitute or replace an in-person consultation with one of our plastic surgeons.
It is important to discuss your specific needs and choices in regard to your specific procedure as well as any alternative treatments. This information may not apply to you.

Plastic Surgery results vary significantly, therefore, we help our patients visualizing results using 3D imaging or sizers–Visualizing outcome still vary and can be challenging

All our surgeon shows a variety of before and after results of their work so it is easier to understand the nature of the procedure and outcome. Some of our patients prefer that we don’t share their pictures on our website or social media but happy to share this during an in-person consultation. Feel free to ask during the consultation to see more images of a certain procedure. Every surgical procedure is unique and each patient is different so every surgery is customized to the individual patient.

There can be complications as healing some time can be Unpredictable

With our experienced plastic surgeons with years of experience post-op complications are very minimal, however, healing can be sometimes unpredictable and can result in rare complications.

Some Content on this website is opinion and views of other experts

Not all material on this website applies to all our surgeons as each surgeon has its own unique approach when it comes to patient care and surgery.

External website and Link Disclaimer

We are not endorsing any external link or website when it comes to specific content as these are only for reference and we have no control over the information. It is to help our patients who are interested in particular subjects found on these external links or websites.

Feel free to contact us on +971 4 55 413 55 or send us a query through our online forms if you have any particular questions about this Disclaimer, surgical Procedures, follow up protocols, payment plan, Recovery, Before & After Photos, and Plastic Surgeons qualifications and experience.

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