The desire to stand out amongst the rest is a prerequisite in today’s selfie-obsessed culture. In a world where we are constantly exposed to camera and photos, there has never been more urge for the ideal face and body as it is today.

The non invasive cosmetic procedures trends have sour as much as 200 percent since the start of this millennia and that’s not even an exaggeration, rather numbers quoted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  The non invasive cosmetic procedure skin treatment trend isn’t going down anyway, rather the newer and better techniques will only increase in the demand for such procedures. In fact, the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) is all set to approve a few more non invasive cosmetic procedures this year. Below we have come up with some of the reasons why non invasive cosmetic procedures trends have soured to such great heights and which procedures will remain the top priority for customers in the coming years.

Reasons For Non Invasive Cosmetic Procedures Trends!

Here are some reasons behind soaring non invasive cosmetic procedures trends:

Easy access to injectables than ever before:

According to some of the leading cosmetic surgeons, one of the main reasons driving souring non invasive cosmetic procedures trends is the easy access to injectables. Today, society is primarily driven by glamour and accessibility to minimally invasive and non invasive cosmetic procedures makes it easier for people to undergo cosmetic procedures.  Apart from the ease of access to injectables, the low downtime and cost involved with non invasive and non surgical treatments also make them low stigma and a low barrier entry for most people.

The fast access, low downtime, immediate visibility, confidentiality and affordability all contribute to the increasing non invasive cosmetic procedures trends. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, some of the cosmetic procedures like Botox and synthetic fillers have become such popular that four-fifth of all procedures performed by plastic surgeons are non-invasive cosmetic procedures trends.

–         The cosmetic procedure will continue to become more inclusive in the future

The extremely low downtime and immediate bounce back to the daily routine is another influencing factor behind growing non invasive cosmetic procedures trends. This is especially true for people who in the past were afraid due to downtime and getting unwanted attention. This trend can be traced by the fact that today nearly 15% of non invasive cosmetic procedures trends are followed by men, which in past were reluctant to any such procedures due to societal stigma attached to an unnatural appearance. Today, men look out for classical masculine features using various fillers and other non invasive cosmetic procedures. Apart from traditional masculinity, other non invasive cosmetic procedures trends followed by men include jawline, chin, and neck.

Following the advancement of technology in cosmetic surgery, we see the rise of radiofrequency procedures like Facetite to skyrocket in the coming years. Radiofrequency non invasive cosmetic procedures trends is a revolution in the industry in line with some of the other advanced procedures like microneedling and Vaser liposuction.

–         From Treatment to Tweak-Ment

While in the past the non invasive treatments were all about getting disproportionate breast enhancements or buttock enlargements, today people are more inclined towards tweaking procedures that keep up their natural looks or inherited traits, while just slightly improving the overall body features (not too obvious).

“Tweak-ment” is fast becoming the latest non invasive cosmetic procedure trends, something that’s dramatically opposite to trends from a decade ago, where all the rage was about getting bigger and bigger breasts or over-filled lips. Nowadays, the non invasive cosmetic procedures trends are about tweaking their body/face slightly just to get achieve their Photoshop version.

According to some of the leading surgeons, while the popularity of age-old cosmetic procedures like breast enhancement or buttock enlargement will continue to dominate the non invasive cosmetic procedures trends, people today will be more inclined to getting more proportionate and natural-looking sizes. Similarly, fat grafting is yet another non invasive cosmetic procedure trend in plastic surgery for fine-tuning that will continue to dominate the industry in the coming years.

–         Body contouring will continue to be dominant noninvasive cosmetic procedure trend

The latest body contouring technique, “EmSculpt” has already become available in the United States as the milestone noninvasive body fat shaping cosmetic procedure. The magnetic field held procedure is the latest technological advancement in the non invasive cosmetic procedures trends that tends to activate muscle contractions to meltdown fat as well as to build muscle.

As the natural results to contractions by the magnetic field, essentially tricks your body to take the magnetic field as you are working out, thereby actively breaking down the body fat. The procedure is painless and has already been tested in multiple clinical studies. This is surely going to gain much traction amongst the non invasive cosmetic procedures trends in the coming years.


Looking at the current non invasive cosmetic procedures trends followed across the world it’s easy to say that the future belongs to the preventative cosmetic treatments where patients will be looking for small, niche-specific and naturally looking cosmetic procedures. The advancement in the technology and introduction to futuristic cosmetic procedures like EmSculpt are already paving the way for the future of non invasive cosmetic procedures trends and we are only going to see the increase in popularity of such procedures in the coming years.

To sum up, while the past few years saw the rise of cosmetic procedures into the mainstream, “tweak-ment” will be the rage in the cosmetic industry in the coming years.

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